Sunday, December 20, 2009

Note to readers....

All the works in this blog will be mine. A reader can find specific information about works or shows referenced by spending a few moments on Google. This site is my journal so to speak. I am not affiliated with any media outlets. I think of this place like I think of designer clothing in that if some brand wants me to wear their overpriced merchandise because it has their logo on it, then that designer can pay me for the advertising time and space. So if you expect to see other artist's work on here, sorry. This space is mine.

The book "Sex and the Salad, with a little Undressing on the side" is now out and available for sale. A combination of art, food, stories and individuality, make up a unique cook book by Tommy B. Google the title, you can found out how to get one, only $25 each. (okay, $24.95)

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