Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bottles and Brew - August First Friday at Snarky Art

First Friday on Hall of Fame weekend is always interesting. The crowds are different, far fewer than in past years due to the concert and perhaps also the layout of the events within the district. At least the free popcorn got a few folks to venture past the obstacles on 4th street.

Our question of the month was geared to the H of F crowd. The answers are clever for sure and do reflect a cultural interpretation this time. Reactions to the question were interesting to me. As this activity progresses I am finding that quite a few people read it in advance, think about their answers and come prepared with more than one entry. Therefore, gauging our number of respondents by the number of answers is no longer a reliable figure. A handful of people refused to participate because they either don’t drink or would not want to have inherited such a liability. I find this a rather serious approach to the activity, as if it were a real situation and not an exercise in creative thinking.  Regardless of how this “Leave Your Mark” activity is received, it is successful at engaging the public to participate in the process of art by being drawn into a space they might otherwise pass by. Below are the answers I could read (or publish)

(Sorry about the formatting issue, but it does feel rather like having had a few...)
You just inherited a brewery. What will you name your signature beer?

Ansiek                                  Bodytwist            Stompy Stew
Bloat Belly                           El Chompo          Mine
The Girls Are Prettier After 3                      Black Flagg
The Tangled T                                                    Belly Buster
Snarky Art Ale                   Volatile                 Witches Brew
Gutfer Wataelzia              Bjyork                   Royalty
Ty Brew                                                Cash Cow            Nate’s Nectar
Nite B4 Morning After   Aresnic                 Take a Knee
He Had It Coming             Hoegarmen        Cnatt Marunit
So Fine                                 Love Potion #9
The Great Labrewski      Barefoot Ale      The Liquidator
Rose’s Round Trip            4-Play                    So College
First of the Month           Soviet Flattner  Future P
Brewhah                              Vermilion            Lorna Beth
Friday Nite Fright             Bladder Buster  Superman
Breath of Phydeaux        Brew Ha Ha         Money Maker
Gistlister                              Plan B                    Ziggy’s Brew
Mary’s Rack Ale                                Snockered Stout
Pompous Assperations Teezer                  The Impaler
Ipea Beer                            Lola’z Buzz          Jack’s Pony
Galaxy Juice                       Effinguud            Smooth Hoperator
Another Trip to the Can                                Stagger Back Brew
Brews and Spurs              Carousel Curve Good Night
Shivin                                    Hide My Phone Last Resort
Rhino Stout                        Hoppy Hour        Schlobberknocker
Gratefully Dead(unreadable)
2 removed for inappropriate content

Our Community Participation Project did have approximately 230 participants. 280 bottles were prepared in advance and we only had 30 left so now the second part of the project must be prepared for those who come in September. “Keeping Secrets” was the title and participants chose a random medicine bottle from a bag, answered one of 8 possible questions found inside, and colored 5 squares using only a limited number of colors. The question and squares were placed back in the bottle, the lid locked on and then tossed into a basket.  Your secrets are safe with me for now…..

For September FF, participants will select a bottle by choosing a number. All the bottles will have a number assigned to them at random. Upon opening, the secrets will be posted on a board (they are on stickers) and the squares will have to be matched up to each other somehow, color to color, to create a large work of art. How difficult or fun that will be depends upon what the person did who colored the squares found inside.

Actually three works of art will be made next FF, the color square project that develops by creating a consistent diagonal line grid, the secrets revealed text project and the chosen number board that will become a pattern of random dots. “Secrets Revealed” part 2, is not only about the Community Participation Project but also about new things happening in our Journey Art Gallery family.  We hope you will come by and see what awaits!

Thanks for playing!