Thursday, February 18, 2016

Catching Up and Catching On

Lined up to get their squared added to big picture.
We gots us some catch’n up to do!  Yes, well aware I have been delinquent in my blogging duties and only myself to blame.  Well….that and the fact my internal organs decided to liquefy and make a break for it out my sinuses.  Found out that TP is far better than tissues for said purposes.  What do the TP companies advertise?...”soft and absorbent”  to which I will add “convenient.”   Think I could get a deal on Shark Tank if I combine a fanny pack with a TP holder that straps on the waist and provides a constant source of crud catchers? Aren’t you glad you decided to read this?

Since we were closed for January’s First Friday, there are no questions or project info to share. Our reopening in Feb went very well however so I did get all of that compiled and listed below.  The project was another “Great Square Inches of Art”, this time based on a Louis Tiffany window of a peacock.  Since this was the second go around at pulling off this project, repeat participants wasted no time getting involved. All 238 squares were completed by 10pm – good job!

The Boutique has expanded to the front room, our office space has moved to the rear, Su’s cutting tables and dying buckets are ready for business, the jewelry cases hold fabrics and projects ready to be re-envisioned, art is everyplace (hers and mine) and the hallway is our photo gallery.  Community projects for sale are in the public restroom (hey, you get the real estate you pay for) and elsewhere as it fits, and the studio is also now the classroom.  You will no longer find rotating monthly exhibits of other artists. Online shopping is the wave of the future so we best grab hold and get onboard. So many plans….so many ideas……it’s exciting!

All this work has kept me away from the viewing of shows and exhibits but a few oddities of human behavior and a pretty funny typo in the paper are worth pointing out.  Question for you…ever work in retail?  If so….did you close down during posted business hours to do store inventory? You know, turning shoppers away so you could smoke a cigarette outside next to a tiny sign that says you are closed for inventory? Then sort of wave a hand and say “sorry”.  Hmmm….thought not, but a local store did yesterday so I just can’t wait to go there today because customer friendly is their business model…right?  Next up, did you read about the Odd Mall in the paper this past weekend?  Wonder how many pictures of river boats got sold? I would expect “fairies” to be a hot item at this type of event, but not “ferries.”  

I got to experience the America’s Mart wholesalers / buyers/ apparel show this past month in Atlanta. After the colonoscopy, lie detector test and federal back ground check to get in the door, even I could only spend a couple hours at most before becoming overwhelmed by our consumerism. Not that I didn’t go back to look a few times to check on the status of the clientele, but I was obviously from the “north” and not in the right “uniform” of leggings, pull cart and star$ coffee cup in hand.  Atlanta has a wonderful botanical garden, even in Feb when all is dead and brown, no uniform needed.

Okay, answers to the Question of the Month: Name an article of clothing you wish you still owned today, regardless of fit.

Uriah Heep T shirt            Mom’s flour sack shirt                HSM shirt
Centenial Glasgow Celtic soccer shirt                                  basketball jersey
Led Zep T-shirt                  football jersey                            lingere                                 
Jimmy Cliff concert shirt                                                      blanky
J. C. Superstar tour t-shirt (Neely and Anderson)                rainforest boxers
Bikini underwear              tube socks                                   sweat socks
KISS belt buckle                    black Betmer hat                  orange bikini
Kim Possible costume                                                         speedo
Lava Lava (?)                      brown buckle shoes                 green high tops
Dingo boots                        Go Go boots                              cowboy boots
1968 Buffalo sandals       black converse shoes                   saddle shoes
Frye boots                          all white Nike ____ (?)             paisley vest
Leather vest                       Lt blue leisure suit                     leisure suit
Scooter skirt                       hand painted blue jeans            short shorts!
Nylon parachute pants                                                         Dee Cee overalls
Button fly jeans                                lederhosen                  bib overalls (2)
Any pair of jeans with a 30” waist                                      bell bottom slacks
Paw print harem pants                                                         jean jacket
Pink corduroy pants        rabbit jacket                                 knickers
Letter jacket                      neon windbreaker                      Nehru jacket
My mom’s black wool sweater                 granny dress
Michael Jackson jacket  Poe Dameron’s jacket                   Barbie dress
High school baby doll dress                   my princess dress
White dress with red polka dots            shark skin jacket
Cleveland Indians jersey (?)

Once again, thank you all for playing, see you at our March Project “heart strings” but I hope you will stop by to shop and explore long before that!