Wednesday, July 6, 2016

First Friday Wrap Up Report…..and perhaps that’s a wrap?

We took it to the streets this past July FF 2016 in hopes of reviving our most requested Community Participation Project (CPP) to date, “Rock’n the Pollock” action painting.  The four large pieces that were completed will be seen again, as some type of clothing ala Hoard Couture.  Last year we made about 30 pieces of art for purchase from the canvases created and many of them are sitting in storage so we won’t be doing that again. The displayable works of art we created from past projects dating back to the 2014 Stick Figure Challenge will be included in our sidewalk sale in late August. Be sure to stop and shop for your office, lobby, or meeting rooms.

We will not be offering a Community Participation Project this next FF, Hall of Fame weekend, as there is just so much going on. The focus of FF’s has changed so it is time to take a break and consider how to best use our time, energy and resources to promote our business. Our Question of the Month will remain for now.

Did you happen to stop in and see our new dressing room? It is a scale replica of the TARDIS from the Dr. Who BBC televisions series, built by special request of the Doctor himself. And yes, it really is bigger on the inside! Below are this month’s responses and if you are interested in past answers, we do have laminated copies of all the past questions hanging on the big board for your reading pleasure.

What was your favorite summer break activity as a kid?  81 answers

Studying – water balloon fights – playing in the creek – drive in movies [2]– catching fireflies [3] – 4th of July fireworks – camping – cookouts – riding my bike [2] – playing in the sandbox – swimming [7] – reading – reading and writing – fireworks/parades – sleepovers [2]– hiking with the family – camping with grandparents – sleeping in – yardwork – beach – climbing trees [2] – flashlight tag – Saturday morning cartoons – 6th street pool – Sugarcreek train rides – playing capture the flag after dark – strawberry picking – playing on the tracks – go carts – playing in the dirt – YMCA pool – tansi – smoking weed – skate boarding [2] – riding dirt bikes – ghost in the graveyard [2]– kick the can [2] – hide and seek – sleeping [2] – willow spgs (?) – tag – GI Joes and Transformers – visiting the cousins – playing – street ball CAR! – vacation – vacation in WVA – boating [2] – horseback riding – bike riding – cops & robbers – computer with boo – fishing – Cedar Point – tetherball – being outside – up late and sleeping in – Girl Scout camp – bookmobile – 3 unreadable handwriting – 2 erased for non-family friendly response.

I love this list, so many fond memories of doing many of these things as well. But sorry to note that my own kids did not…..our generation and the current one seem to have overscheduled our children with classes, camps and programs and been too afraid of the boogey man after dark to allow them to roam free and make their own fun. If your kids are young, look over this list and if you need to know how to play ghost in the graveyard or find fun in a creek for hours on end, we will be happy to explain it to you!

Thanks to all who came out to play.