Wednesday, May 13, 2020

A little cheer goes a long way.

“O-H-I-O …Your (insert your own word here) Has Got To Go!”   Hmmm…shall we say May Snow Fall? Virus Crap? Quarantine? We are lucky to live in a state with a good cheer name. Folks in Kansas, Iowa and Florida aren’t so lucky.  Texas works. “T-E- XAS …This Virus Shit is Such a Mess!”  Long state names could be just postal codes, which might work. New Jersey for example. “NJ-NJ Lockdown, Lockdown Again Today.”

See where I am going? Yeah, me neither.

Surely there is something to cheer about in all of this. For me, time has allowed for yours truly to relocate 6000 bricks into useful spaces after 12 years of being a condo complex for chipmunks. Actually the chipmunks moved out when the hawks moved in upstairs. Most likely they were forcibly relocated into the gullet of the aggressive new neighbors. But let’s return to cheering for now…

Laying bricks is rather mindless so I come up with stupid stuff to fill the void. Such as cheers. No, I don’t know why either.  What follows are few which could be fun to make into one of those “cute” videos to fill time in an otherwise endless stream of…well…time. A couple of O’cedar mop pom poms and you are good to go.

Medical personal at one hospital could issue the challenge cheer to the other hospital across town. “We got virus, yes we do! We got virus, how ‘bout you?!” “WE GOT VIRUS, YES WE DO! WE GOT VIRUS, HOW ‘BOUT YOU?”  “WE GOT…(you get the idea)

Instead of “Defense, Defense” it becomes “Face Mask, Face Mask!” 

“Gimmie a C, gimmie an O, gimmie a V, gimmie an I, gimmie a D, What it’s spell? CORONA!”  Hey, these kids have been out of school a long time, how do you expect them to spell anything? My auto-correct really hated this last section. Smoke be a com’n from the keyboard! I just wrote that to piss it off even more.

“Here we go shopping, here we go! (no you don’t)  Here we go shopping, here we go! (wear a mask!)”

“Here we go, Covid, here we go! (clap clap) Here we go Crazy, here we go! (clap clap) Here we go Drinking, here we go! (pour more!)”

“Pump up the Purell, Pump up the Purell, Pump up the Purell” (that would be pump up the volume for those of you too long in your lounge chair).

“2 – 4 – 6 – 8 Who Do We Appreciate?”  Delivery Guys! Doctors! Nurses! Truckers! And on and on and on….

“Lean to the Left, Lean to the Right, Stand Up, Sit down (can’t, my pants are too tight!)”

Okay, that’s enough. But I bet I have you thinking of some of your own! Since we don’t have sports or school or much of anything resembling the world “before”…it is still important to cheer each other on during difficult times. Okay, so these might not be the best ones to share with a neighbor.  Maybe this one is better….

“We got Pino, yes we do! We got Grigio, How ‘bout you?!” 

Cheers my friends!