Thursday, July 12, 2012

I bet you all thought this blog was as dead as our grass! No, just on hiatus as the ebb and flow of life brings piles of debris on a regular basis which needs to be cleared away. The birds have been roosting for quite some time now and my once empty nest has become a fowl condo in more ways than one.  But like Punxsutawney Phil however, I did poke my head out of the ground, check out the nearby surroundings and rush back down into my hidey hole.  Why? Well I’ll tell you…..

Furnishing an apartment… you know how much time that takes? Not for the big stuff, but for the little stuff, like tub corner splash guards.  Not an item carried at local stores that seem to carry everything you never know you never needed. Once located online under various names, one must then read the testimonials. Who knew so much controversy surrounded plastic corners? Then there are the towels and tub mats and toothbrush holders which only a Mom would give a hoot if they matched, but I do, so they do (in manly colors of course). The piles of accumulated treasures destined for the trailer ride down to their new home have almost blocked access to some parts of our house.  A whole lot of raw materials for Hoard Couture are showing up though which is a good thing (or a bad thing depending upon one’s point of view regarding the issue of why we keep the things we do.)

Cutting the grass…..I miss cutting my grass. No creative juices flow when one can literally take a pair of scissors to the acreage and keep the lawn trim. Granted it looks a bit odd, but so what.

Blogger bonanza…..several of my fellow creative types have recently started their own blogs, are writing on a more regular basis or started new groups online. After spending the time reading all of their stuff, who has time to write my own? And who would read them, as they are all out there writing their own? As I continue my series on “relocated locals” which places known faces into unexpected places, the time to write had been replaced with time spent hunting down images of my victims on the internet.  Some familiar images will be showing up this fall…..funny how a few of you are even lobbying to be included in an upcoming painting. Ah yes…all in due time my pretties!

Politics….ARrrrghhhh enough already!!!!   I say we put in a 30 day rule. You get 30 days before the election to make your case, air commercials, constantly call me on the phone, dominate the news and the newspapers, and drive your buses up and down the roadways making life one big pain in the butt! I will say though, the Secret Service SUV that checked me out the other day while I was picking up the paper in my jammies early on a Saturday morning…..(they even stopped twice to observe my superior retrieval technique) lead to some interesting speculation.  

Artwork…oh yeah, that is what I am supposed to be doing! Making mine and looking at yours. Well, that is not happening right now.  These are my last few precious days of ever having birds home longer than 48 hours soooo….even if it is just playing maid, cook, and manager of major issues (m.o.m.) , all the rest can wait.  Snarky Art will return on a more regular basis at the end of summer.  

(Wow, spell check and grammar check are not happy with me this morning!)