Sunday, June 5, 2016

What do you collect?

That was the Question of the Month at Snarky Art/Journey Studios this past First Friday.  Answers to follow soon. This past Friday also debuted the “DORA” which is the new law that allows people to open carry their alcohol in a designated area. Growing pains will be inevitable and as a business within the footprint, we will have to make some adjustments. As the law is written, no one can come into our place with the cups full of beer but how we can enforce that is going to be interesting. One would think that common sense would prevail and carrying food or beverages into a clothing store would be a no-brainer, but alas…..need I state the obvious?

As the famous movie line goes “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” We are still trying to find our way to effectively communicate to the public that we are not an entertainment venue per say. Yes, on First Fridays we provide an activity so as to draw people down to our end of the block but we aren’t a bar, a restaurant, a public restroom or a lounge to listen to music. We are a retail store that features art and wearables, the majority of which are made by two people.  As time passes and this new rule of open carry becomes the norm, it will be interesting to watch how our fellow retailers handle the issues. I suspect that we won’t have too many problems in Nov – Feb, after all, this is Ohio.

Our Community Participation Project this month was Frisbee Flowers which really had nothing to do with flowers but I had a bunch of mini Frisbees donated to the cause so they came in handy. Over 160 people (final count may be closer to 170) made a paint filled platter by blowing thru a straw. Even with such a simple method, I get the nay-sayers who won’t play because they have “no talent.”  Channel that middle school moment when you shot the straw wrapper across the lunchroom and it will be just fine. Some people are just too cool for school however and find it embarrassing or annoying to be asked to participate and have a bit of fun. It’s okay, we remember who you are…and I’ll get you yet my little pretties!! It is only a matter of time. Next month, weather permitting, we plan to Rock the Pollock on the blocked off Fourth Street outside. What could be more entertaining than drunk people flinging paint? I suggest coming early, we will be doing this one person at a time so a line will be formed, and we will shut it down promptly at 9 or maybe earlier depending upon the circumstances. I am requesting donations of acrylic house paints that you no longer need. Any amount, any color as long as it is acrylic latex (no stains, no oils). Drop off cans at the studio during regular hours only or message me to make an arrangement for delivery. I am not putting the hours here to force you to go to the website, and like us on FB too!

Okay, back to the “What do you collect?” answers…. Total of 73 (some people are also reluctant to write on a chalkboard or pretend to not have seen it….a 16 square foot board right inside my door…. Which is why I have 160+ Frisbees but fewer answers.)

Natural Items: crystals – seashells and sand – shells/rocks/bones – rocks (3) – stones – sea glass (2) – plants – succulents – cat whiskers

Sports: skateboards – baseballs – MLB ballpark memories – ticket stubs

Music and Media: high end audio – records (2) – blue rays – books (2) – music boxes – old music – CDs – movies – comic books – sheet music – instruments

Kitchen and Food: recipes – shot glasses – cast iron – kitchen tools – tacos – candies – turtles/teapots/tins/depression glass

Animals: eagles (2) – panda bears – horses – cats

Things: bottle caps – postcards – snow globes – buttons – bar signs – spoons – little cars – duct tape – trains – Santas – Simpsons – art – shoes – BSA patches – tie dye – panties (late entry by a DORA participant) – one illegible entry

Clever and Creative: smiles – self doubts – wives – joy – men – lovers – dust (2) – unfinished projects – love – too much (2) – pounds – memories (3) – hobbies – family – years – educational debt

Once again, thanks for playing. I appreciate those who have stuck by the blog, or lack thereof, over the past months to almost a year. I hope to get more entries now that both sons are 1) gainfully employed 2) living independently  3) have health care and retirement plans and 4) the best projects I ever made.