Sunday, November 13, 2016

Judgement Day

Just a few thoughts about this past week….

Would you ask the 911 or suicide prevention hotline person who they voted for, and if not the same as you, would you hang up?

When the AAA guy comes at 6am on a cold snowy winter morning to jump start your car so you can make it to work on time, would it matter who he voted for?

If the hospice nurse holding a loved one’s hand during their final hours on this earth not be of the same party as you, would you tell her to let go?

If the fireman searching for your lost dog in your burning house didn’t agree with your point of view, would you tell him to forget it?

If the guy working the parking deck exit thingy didn’t vote your way, would you be willing to sit in that deck for a long time?

Would you turn down the couple who is spending money on your creation because the sign in their yard didn’t match yours?

If the surgeon about to care for your cancer tumor didn’t vote your way, would you get up from the table?

The leaves will still fall, the earth will still spin, and gravity is still working fine……

Did you offer someone a smile today? Did you say “thank you” to a stranger, did you appreciate the sunshine on your face or appreciate the warm coat you were wearing? Did you thank the deity of your choice that you woke up to live another day?

We are all guilty of something, we are all better than someone else, and worse than many. We are human, we are alive, we are able to love and be loved. We are able to do good deeds for others and make a positive difference in their lives, one simple gesture at a time. We cannot be responsible for how others think or feel, it is not our job. Our job is to be a good person so we can be good to others, one person at a time.  Hold open a door, smile at an elderly person, say thank you to anyone that deserves it and judge only yourself as to whether you did the right thing today or any other day. 

When your life is in someone else’s hands, and someday it will be, who they voted for, will not make a difference at that moment in time. Nor should it ever when the moment has passed. Love thy neighbor….I’ve heard that someplace before….sounds like a plan worth putting into action.

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  1. WOW... You have spoken the words I have struggled to find in the last week. We are all human. Thank you!