Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August First Friday Wrap up Report (with comments)

Mother and Child: Forgotten
Creative minds are notoriously “messy” and so are our spaces but I guarantee you if 5mm google eyes were needed for a school project, I got ‘em and I know where they are! That being admitted to, every now and then one must “purge” which has been occupying much of my time, hence this late update.

Usually I get my First Friday wrap up done in a timely manner….but ya know, it is summer time and the liv’n is easy. Either that, or I had to spend time picking up the bottles and cups scattered along the outside of the building (out of dora bounds in many cases….would it kill the city budget to put trash cans at the boundary points?) Said cans would make good visual markers that the end is near and could perhaps include a potty? Seriously, whoever you are, did you have to relieve yourself on my back door? At least a buddy of yours used his Bud cup (not a sanctioned dora mind you….)

No Community Project to write about, too much H of F craziness or so I would have thought. Our attendance was rather low for all the hoopla going on but perhaps with Jeff K not playing and Su N out on the road, the opening act had no headliners to back up the show. But whatever the reasons, our Question of the Month did get 24 responses…..I guess it was too hard this time.

“If Canton were to have its own NFL franchise, what would be a good team name?”
The Canton Basketballs  -  The Canton Ball Bearings  -  The Canton Dora-duhs  -  The Canton Denalies  -  The Canton Bulldogs (2)  -  The Canton Wannabes  -  The Canton Kodiaks  -  The Canton Hall of Famers  -  The Canton Can-dos  -  The Canton Crusaders  -  The Canton Can’t-Reads  -  The Canton Can’t Writes  -  The Canton Thorpes  -  The Canton Bitner Specials  -  The Canton Campaigns  -  The Canton Hoovers  -  The Canton South Akrons  -  The Canton Hams  -  The Canton C’mons  -  The Canton Crime Rates  -  the Canton Canucks  -  The Canton Cats  -  The Canton Can’ts  -  The Canton Vacuums
Hmmm…a bit of a social statement going on here…..I am not one to censor any answers unless they are decidedly inappropriate, but this one disappointed me.  

So everyone gets a do-over for September.  Our question of the month will be “If you could follow your own yellow brick road, where would it lead to….?”

Coming up Saturday Aug 27th 10 – 4 (speaking of purges!) is our sidewalk sale….big bargains on art, art supplies, old community projects, stuff, props, items, things, do-hickeys and thing-a-mug-jigs…..gotta love a good regurgitation.

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