Friday, December 11, 2015

Lucky Numbers

For our final First Friday “Leave your Mark” Question of the Month (henceforth known as FFLYMQOTM…or not) I asked the question:

If you could add a 13th day to the 12 Days of Christmas, what would it be?
A few brave souls left some options. As human behavior would have it, if there are fewer slots to be filled, then fewer people will participate despite extra boards for more answers. I guess the overflow boards must equate with being on the children’s table of importance. I am not going to repeat the first 12 days, we all tend to know the song from #6 on down, and fake our way through the other 6. Maybe your subconscious will substitute one of these choices during the church carole sing and everyone will give you a stink eye of condemnation.

13 painters painting        13 skaters skating
13 strippers (and a question mark)  (are you like 12 and can't figure this out?)
13 bees a buzzing             13 chicks a clucking
13 gardeners planting    13 drunks a drinking
13 turtles snapping          13 bakers baking
13 dogs a humping          13 shelters accepting birds
13 horns a playing            13 artists trying!
13 willows weeping         13 hamsters shaking
13 cats a singing                13housekeepers cleaning
13 reindeer flying             13 ducks a quacking
13 stores a selling             13 orphans finding a home
13 children sweeping     13 Hoovers sweeping  (maybe 13 Hoover children sweeping?)
13 beers a brewing          13 AP students crying
13 cats a purring               13 hearts a loving
13 reporters writing        13 Brown’s fans a’crying
And some kid that took up three spaces learing to write…..

Our Memorial tree did very well and is still up in case anyone wants to add a bulb and some names. The next FF will be February when the new Journey Studios/ Snarky Art …the studio, reopens as a different type of destination. There will be a Community Project of some type, I am still working on that idea but we will definitely expect you to come play as always!

One final note on the promotion that was held last month, the one where people spend $20 on art and can then turn in the receipt for $10 back in cash.  The intent is to get these folks to then go spend that cash right back in the District. However, I bet most of those people headed out to the Strip or the mall and spent that cash someplace else (or just put in the pocket to tip the sitter). Now I am not an expert on marketing, but I gots me some good old fashioned common sense…..what if….    Patron A spends $20 on art or whatever as intended, then turns in the receipt for a voucher or certificate or coupon worth $10 (of “free” money) that is good at the establishments in the District only, for perhaps 30 days. When used, the Owner of the biz who is honoring the coupon keeps them all then turns in all collected coupons after 30 days for the cash from the organization who is giving it away in the first place. That way the cash stays in the pockets of the people whom it was intended to help in the first place and we don’t look like we have to bribe people to come downtown and shop. This method also serves as a way to keep track of where people are going in the District. Chances are that if Patron A gives the coupon to a friend, Patron B, she may come downtown and buy a $50 dollar item for only $40. Then the artist/owner will get the $10 back therefore making more money than he would have before.  Just seems logical to me. All those convoluted story problems with doodles in the margins may have paid off after all! I just don’t like the idea of money donated to support the arts being handing out in the form of cash to people on the streets.

Have a very Merry Christmas (or whatever PC saying you wish to insert, but I am sticking with this one for my own post).  May there be Peace on Earth.

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