Saturday, October 10, 2015

100 years from now.....

A little late on this First Friday update, but I lost the answer list in my personal dumpster (aka the van). However, since excavated and deciphered, below are the responses to our Question of the Month.

100 years from now, I hope we have……

Peace -  no violence -  tolerance - no wars
Every zig for great justice ( huh?)  - justice – better world – more wisdom
Everything organic
Jet packs – space ships – hover hats – teleporter – flying cars
Clean oceans – cleaner air and water – a happy earth
Love for all – universal unconditional love – self love – alien lovers – respect for human life – end of abortion – love – each other
Heath – happiness and harmony - kindness
All Christians – a world accepting of Jesus and showing love – faith – equality – a place where everyone is accepted
Plant life – trees – flowers – water – eternal summers – a planet
Vanilla crush – no hunger – steak – infinite pizza – more bacon
People – still alive – nicer people - kids
Live in outer space
150th Superbowl
No mental illness – hope – free health care – free education
No kings
4 Cookie Divas cookies – ice cream city
America – quiet downtown Canton
Zebras -  dogs – giant turtles – fewer homeless animals – unicorns – flying pigs – talking pigs
Freedom of choice

Our community project was very well received and resulted in the best final product so far! Not sure I can part with it so for now, it will be hanging in the Journey Two Boutique. Which, if you have not done so already, one must visit! Sales have been great and will only get better for one of kind, handmade clothing and textile related items. All made in America so come support your local art and artists!

November will be the last Community Project until March.  December conflicts with a family function.  We are closed for the January FF as that is on New Year’s Day (Journey, J2 and Snarky Art will all be closed).  February will be nuts so stay tuned for that! March will return with the Great Square Inches of Art, a favorite project from this past year.

As always, thanks for playing!!

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