Sunday, May 3, 2015

Splatter and Sails

Our question of the month, garnered 54 responses. Considering the number of people through our doors this past FF, that seems a bit low, but the cleverness and ingenuity of the answers were great so one cannot criticize! 

Many people came out to participate in “Rock the Pollock”, our Jackson Pollock inspired community participation project. A surprising number of people did not know who JP was, but once they saw a sample of his work….oh yeah, the lightbulbs were flashing. Everybody recognized his works of action painting. The process of action painting was our focus this month with some “rules” put in place to protect the surroundings. No flinging, flipping or throwing was allowed….translated to no golf swings, no baseball or softball pitches, no fly fishing…and so forth. Only one person actually got on any paint on themselves and it was a youth whom I allowed to participate on a fake id at age 10. He was taller than his older companion so I allowed him to have a try. Should have listened to my instincts, but all ended well with some fast soap and water work.

More than twice the number of planned canvases were filled by our 9:30 pm deadline. Will we do this project again? Ummmm…maybe? It is not the easiest to set up or clean up, but the amount of inspiration it generated was worth it. I heard people talk about doing this at a birthday party, a family reunion, church camp and even in their own schools….where I first did this project. A story that will live on forever. To save space, I won’t bore you with all the details, but a 25 foot “canvas” became an accidental slip and slid for an unsuspecting and unsupervised child in her new dress and shoes who should not have been where she was. End result, the school got a new carpet installed on the stage, the mother got a dressing down for not watching her kid (not by me, I was laughing too hard) and the big Pollock became performance art! I could probably have framed the dress and sold it in NY for lots of money.

Our canvas scrap pieces will be cut up and mounted into frames, onto stretchers and otherwise made available for sale in July at our Community Project Showcase. Pictures of the project in process can be found on my FB page. We have projects planned out through next June so be sure to stop by and bring friends. They are not as elaborate as this one (yet), but I have a lot of grass to cut this summer and my best ideas come from mindless activities…hmmmm, an odd association but it works.

Now for our Question of the Month, inspired by our winter trip to the warmer climates. So many boats, so many clever names so we decided to ask you "What would you name your ocean going luxury yacht?" Only two answers were borderline inappropriate for my audience and one was just not acceptable for publication here…but clever. I have included the two, left out the one. Don’t go screaming censorship, this is my forum and if I think it is not acceptable for publication, then get your behind down to the studio and read the original one for yourself on the chalkboard. For ease of reading, I am listing them in random order as written. I did toy with putting them in alphabetical order, but that would take more time than I have to give at the present moment. So enjoy and ships ahoy!

Jules Palace --- Glass all the Way Full --- Won from Wynn --- Joy ---  Royal Flush --- Rossi --- Nirvana --- Fantasy --- Sea More Hiney --- Haruna of Bluesteel --- Lucky Me --- Mini Titanic --- Luvaly --- Rainbow Fudge --- Sahlen Sails --- Anywhere --- Diva --- Aries Ahoy --- Gerber Baby --- Mine --- Far Sighted --- S.S> Minnow --- Robbin Zander --- Nicolaos --- Bliss --- True Love --- Widow Maker --- Para Siempre (2 listings) --- Jana Jetliner --- Costalot --- Santa Catalina --- Slice of Life --- Sunburned Forever --- Tink --- Poseidon’s Palace (corrected for spelling) --- E.T. --- Splatter of the Seas --- Yachtasaurus Rex --- Tranissa 1 --- U Yachta No --- Sink Me – Bentley Pup --- Cruzer --- the J-F-D-V Boat --- Dr. Pepper --- Sunset Maria --- Shag --- Pistrix Asinus ---Sunken Treasure --- Inspiration --- Walking on Water --- Sir Jeeves --- Vegas --- She Got Half (you win!) --- Monaco --- Deuces Wild --- Ajaia ---Takao of Bluesteel --- High Life --- Camelot --- Appollo Creed --- Evil Dr. P --- Inome --- Flying Wasp --- Le Femme Nikita --- Normy --- Joie de Vie --- Summer’s Day --- Diva Place --- Poetry in Motion

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