Saturday, April 25, 2015


Fear not, this is not a blog about fooling anyone or something along those lines. It is merely a tabulation of all the artwork we own that was made by others. The weekly dusting (well….I am not saying which weeks get designated for dusting but of those that do…) I get to come in direct contact with all the pieces displayed around our house and am reminded of those who made them.  I get to recall under what circumstances they were purchased, or acquired in the event of a show or trade, and the joy each one brings to me. As I made the rounds (yesterday was dusting day!!) I decided to record the artists’ names. Below is the list.  A * means we have more than one piece by that artist. The tally only includes original works (paintings, glass, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry) or signed and numbered prints, and only pieces by those artists whose names I can find or know. The textiles from other continents are not included, nor any textile not signed somehow. A few artists did not sign their works (original pieces) and the older the I get, the less I can remember their names so those are not here either lest I spell one wrong.

If you don’t see your name on the list, perhaps we need to play “let’s make a deal” at some point, minus the costumes of course. Thanks to all of you below who share your creativity with us and make our home a fun place for visitors to wander through. (Not all artists are local, some are deceased, others are older pieces….we've collected for awhile). As of now, you are all dust free for a few hours.

Holly Buffy Atkinson                                      
Jack Baker*                                                       
Christine Benner                                             
Diane Belfiglio*                                                
Gretchen Bierbaum                                         
Brennis Booth                                                  
Meg Dawson                                                    
Danny Day*                                                       
Leroy Dierker*
Lynn Digby*
Uncle Dreg
Don Drumm*
Dr. Fammartino
Tom Fanno*
Melanie Griffith* (not the actress)
Russ Hench
Teri Howard
Rick Huggett*
Imagine Gallery*
Bili Kribbs
Edward Langley
Gary Mamolya
Paula Mastroianni
Nancy Steward Matin
Carol McGill*
Stephen McNulty
The Mudmothers
Erin Mulligan
Dana Muntean
Pam Neff*
Cindy Nichols
Su Nimon*
Patty Z. Parker
Sandy Thouvenin Phillips
Scot Phillips
Bobby Rosenstock
Cynthia Schott*
Chris Schulz
Mark Soppeland*
Todd V
Amanda Vandenberg
Michele Waalkes*
Tom Wachunas
Marge Widmar
Timmy Woods*
Mac Worthington
Bob Yost*
Isabelle Zaldivar

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