Saturday, December 13, 2014

Translations Transitions…after the reunion is over.

Blennerhassett Island Trees (not in the show at Translations)
     No longer new or shocking news to those in the local art world, Translations Gallery is transitioning from “brick and mortar” to “bring and move”. Craig Joseph’s next reincarnation of his vision will bring the water to the horses and hope they are thirsty. And if they are not, at least the reluctant creatures might get their feet wet. The CAD is an ever evolving entity so it seems and may yet become more of a CED (E as in entertainment) than a CAD over time but we creative types seem to always find a way to cling like burrs on your socks after a walk in the woods….itcy, scratchy, a pain to remove and always one embedded someplace deep in the fibers that remains a constant reminder. I have no doubts that Craig Joseph and his fertile imagination will be leaving burrs all over Stark County…reminding folks that art and artists are out there…just waiting to snag you as you walk by!

     The last show in the current location, “All Good Things” is more of a reunion to pay our respects to yet another venue passing the torch than a curated exhibit. The only stipulation to be included was that you had been a participating artist at some point over the past five years and that the piece(s) exhibited had not been on view before. Keep’n it fresh and keeping it all inclusive.

     Both engaging and sad at the same time, one cannot help but walk past the pieces and read the names, wondering if we will ever all be together again. I don’t go to reunions (for a variety of reasons) but I imagine that classmates look over pictures and reminisce about various times and places and people. With almost 100% accuracy, the works included here are signature of the artists who made them. One who knows the local “scene” would recognize the creator and their creation….a fitting tribute. The space is a living breathing gathering of artists even if we are not physically present in the building because what we make is who we are….we are friends, we are classmates, we are one school. This analogy could really be taken a step further in that there are obvious “cliques” within our community. Not in a bad way, not like it was as kids, but in a way that has followed any creative field for decades if not centuries. The classical vs the cartoon, the traditional vs the tawdry, the abstract vs the realist… different than the jocks vs the geeks, the nerds vs the varsity…..

     I know many of you are tapped out this time of year buying presents and such at the mall, buying “things”, but considers stopping by one last time and giving the gift of art to someone, get that hard to buy for teenager a one of a kind piece by someone whose career they could follow….sort of like the stock market but more personal. A person’s investment in a work of art increases if they can get others interested in that artist’s work as well. With so many talented and ambitious artists in our area, who knows down the road whose work may be on the next national art mag cover or filling the halls of a NY gallery. It takes all of us to work together to make dreams come true so I look forward to supporting Craig’s next step and watching herds of horses suddenly come across water in ways they never encountered before! 

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