Saturday, November 8, 2014

Leave your Mark... round 2

Pastel drawing detail, 2010
“If you could have dinner with any person, living or not, from the past, present or future, real or imaginary, who would it be?”

The November First Friday participation rate on our question of the month doubled at the very least. I have tallied the responses and find that only two names, Gandhi and Jesus Christ got two votes. Everyone else seemed to read the answers of others and figured they better invite a different soul to share the evening with.  One person was going to pick Gandhi a third time but decided that the meal would be a bit on the meager side so another option was written on the board. I am hoping that more and more people come by to see what we are asking each month and record their answer. Next month we are adding an actual participation project to the offering as part of the Community Art Projects Exhibition to be staged this summer. I just made that title up but the idea is in place for works to be made at every First Friday from December to May…or June…or July….. none being time or labor intensive, just something requiring a few moments of your time to “leave your mark”. Okay, enough PR on future projects…on to the answers of the month.

Musicians were very popular: Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, Dan Fogelburg, Marky Mark, Jim Morrison, Harry Chapin, Cat Stevens, Michael Jackson, Weird Al, Robert Nesta Marley,

Historical figures per say: Socrates, Einstein, Sojourner Truth, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nicola Tesla, CS Lewis, Martin Luther King, Michelle Obama, Prez Obama,

Entertainment types: Bill Murray, Fred Sanford, the 4th Doctor, Seth McFarlane, Honey Badger (?), Robin Williams,

Imaginary: Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse, Venus

Relatives not named: My dad, my mom, my MOM!, my four dead great grandparents, my Granddaddy, my great grand kids, my Gram,

Assorted names that I don’t know who you are and I apologize in advance for the wrong category:  Harry, Ron and Herman; Conor Oberst; Betsy; Mr. DeWitt; Leo Valdez; James; Ty Palmer; Ali Evans; Jason Brill; Jurgen Maltmann; Berry and Ralph B----; Autum Berry; Cleo, Ruth, Ellen, Irene and Liz; Friends

Really?: Jeffery Dahmer

Of course!: God  (hmmm…would one not hope that they would be spending eternity dining with God?)

Who is not on the list is interesting… no great classical composers, no influential or historical artists!, no chefs, no dictators, no superheros…..   The challenge is on to come up with next month’s question. I am always open to suggestions as this is for you all!

A few additional words about people and their behavior because observing our fellow man (woman, child, creature whatever….don’t get all PC on me), is a favorite pastime and a source for much of what I create. A piece I made recently for the coffee sack recreation show (sorry, I can’t say the real name because I have Victorian blood) that included a plastic up with tips for people to read and share. I would like to add a couple more to that collection.  Tip #1 – Don’t lean against artwork with a beer in your hand or stand in a doorway that is only wide enough for 1.5 people because that .5 person is not going to push you out of their way (because they have manners.)   Tip #2 – When holding a beer in your hand, or any adult beverage for that matter, do not go through a doorway to the outside. If you notice an extreme temperature difference all of a sudden… are not in the same place anymore. When trying to come back through the door, do so in an upright position.   Tip #3 – Saying thank you by offering a really pretty leftover cupcake is a nice gesture...or it would have been.  Always offer a cupcake if you have extra. People like cupcakes. I like cupcakes. I would have shared the cupcake. Sorry that I may have accidently smushed the bag with the cupcakes. Tip #4 – Always say you are sorry. Out loud because under the breath does not count as a real apology.

No, the question next month will not be what is your favorite flavor of cupcake.


  1. Well done, my friend. Except perhaps the tragic cupcake incident. Better luck next time? ;)

  2. Ty Palmer was the Hoover HS head art teacher for a few decades -- a whole bunch of us had him,and loved him. He passed away too soon in the mid 90s. His wife is a regular First Friday attendee, so it could have been her who wrote that... or many others who had him as a teacher. :)