Friday, October 31, 2014

Not all "art" is art.

Photo from the internet, general web source, depicting one of the faces.

What is art? Sorry, not even going to attempt to tackle that one in a few paragraphs, but I can tell you one thing I feel it is not….vandalism performed under the blanket heading of “art” made by a self-proclaimed “artist”.  Yes, one of the major foundations of art is to evoke a response from those who encounter it. Social media has reared its head again in helping to promote the work of a vandal, identity yet unknown,** thereby giving more attention and validation to her act of crime, as people express their outrage over her actions. But hey, she is making “art” right?, so we have to leave it alone and accept it….right?  Sometimes, even though it may not be PC, we have to take a stand and say no, you are just a jerk, and a criminal one at that….at least in my opinion.

This “art” was brought to my attention by a small article in a local paper last Friday. It was from the AP about a situation in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am going to quote the article here so all you legal eagles out there, no author is listed…

“A series of colorful, eerie faces painted on rocks in some of the West’s most famously picturesque landscapes has sparked an investigation by the National Park Service and a furor online.     Agents so far have confirmed the images in Yosemite and four other national parks in California, Utah and Oregon. Park Service spokesman Jeffrey Olson said the vandalism could lead to felony charges for the person responsible. [I hope so, tax dollars well spent!]     The images appear to come from a New York state woman traveling across the West this summer and documenting her work [her work???] on Instagram and Tumblr, said Casey Schreiner of, whose blog post tipped off authorities. [Find it hard to believe nobody saw this person painting on the rocks, or were too timid to say something which I can understand in this day and age…but nobody took her picture…even in the background of a family photo?]      The investigation is the subject of well-trafficked threads on the website Reddit, where people railed against the drawings [does that description throw the blanket of art over her rights?] as the defacing of the irreplaceable natural landscapes.     ‘You’re seeing this emotional response of people who feel like they’ve been kicked in the gut,’ Schreiner said.”     End of published story.

At least 10 images have been found in Bryce Canyon, Zion, Canyonlands national parks and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

Okay lady who did this….what the hell? What was your point? Frankly, I would consider you so untalented that you had to draw on the rocks rather than paint a picture (or photograph them) and then put your drawings on your own creation. Leave God’s creations alone! Who gives you the right to infringe on my right to enjoy the wonders of nature without your handiwork attached? In this crazy mixed up litigious world of ours, if you had fallen off the rocks and died while performing your little art act of vandalism, I bet your family would sue the US park service because no sign was posted that said “thou shalt not paint colorful faces on natural (and national) treasures.”  Can the rocks be cleaned and returned to their natural beauty? Who knows….God will decide what to do when the time comes.

**Latest updates to the story are that the 21 year old woman has been located and gone into hiding for her own protection. She feels “remorseful” for what she has done. Hmmm…no longer calling it “art” when the tide is against you? Yes there are those defenders posting out there that say it is art and she has rights blah blah blah , but we have rights too and I hope for once the majority actually wins. If you wish to read more or stay up to date on the story, just google “national park vandalism” and multiple sites will appear.

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  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs! Yes! I can't agree more on this topic. Thank you for your insight, and raising awareness of...... What is Art? Great discussion piece for my classes.