Saturday, October 4, 2014

And the answer is....

Last night was the official opening of Snarky Art…the studio and I wanted to try an experiment. Posted outside my door was a 4 x 4 foot chalkboard on an easel. A question was written at the top and lots of lines drawn on it for people to add their answers. Granted, being a “new”, and to some, intimidating, request to participate, the answers were good ones. I hope to expand on this concept to “leave your mark” as I grow into this new adventure and space or my own. Yes folks, the brain is firing on all cylinders and that can be a scary thing at times.

A slight digression (what would a snarky blog be without one?), I eventually want to respond to the Artwach observations about the state of the arts as we share many of the same questions. I saw a different side of the demographic last night and witnessed a flow of traffic directed by orange cones of our own humanity. Interesting. And it was raining which added even another layer to the cake walk.

Okay, back to the board. The question was…”I think art should be…….”  Besides the variety of handwriting (someone even asked if it was okay to use cursive) we had one clear winner in the concept category. Written in the blank spot without lines (I got tired of drawing lines) was the answer “not confined to lines “, well played my anonymous friend, you win. The other 24 responses we did get are as follows below. The fact that people were asked to write something on chalk on an old school green chalkboard surface was the first obstacle to overcome. There was a hesitancy to participate as if the leaving of one’s own mark in an art setting was not to be done unless one is an artist. I have ideas to change that point of view in the coming months. One must conspire with their partners in creative crime before committing any acts of personal space invasion however. Some people would write and then erase their answer. I don’t know why. Nothing inappropriate was left on it, and would have been removed as free expression does not including offending me since it is my board. I should mention that I went to 5 (yes FIVE) stores that sell office and or art supplies and not one had an actual chalkboard eraser. They sell chalk….but no erasers. Those are to be found over in the white board section located elsewhere.  I think I have discovered the buggy whip of my generation….I guess when throwing them at students became a no-no then there was no reason to make them anymore.

Thank you to all who came out last night and took the time to read all my statements, old followers and newbies alike. Lots of laughter which is always my goal (served with a side of snark of course).  So, I think art should be….

Fun – everywhere – art – inspiring – purchased! – well funded – treasured – expressive – interpersonal – an action – from the heart – relaxing – recognized – unlimited – engaging – mind easing – lived – the wine of life – in schools – in the details of life – appreciated – communication – musically inspired – undefined and of course not confined to lines.

Good answers, good start. Look for a new question every month and even more ways to get involved!

Upcoming blogs (yeah, it feels good to write again) will include a review of the Stark County Show at MassMu and an essay about being on the opposite side of the desk again.

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