Friday, July 25, 2014

Where have all the good ones gone?

It was brought to my attention that I have been a bit remiss in my blogging duties. True, the published ones have been few and far between as of late, but dozens of them have gone through my semi-consciousness over the past few months. That time of the morning known as the golden hour. The older you get, the more you will relate.

I am not referring to the pre sunrise haze in the sky, nope, the golden hour of creative thinking occurs while it is still dark. That time of the night/morning when you wake up, all snug and comfy having finally gotten the pillow just right and the cat’s butt out of your face. That time when all is quiet and some inaccessible dream has inspired all kinds of project ideas from somewhere deep in your subconscious being….  I start “writing” in my head, all kinds of really good stuff that ……and then it hits you as to why you woke up… and the debate begins. Can I wait? It is only an hour until the alarm goes off…. If I go back to sleep then I won’t be aware …. Rats, nope. Unless one stops taking in fluids after 6pm like a little kid, one will have to get up.  That means every so carefully crawling over the cat. If one wakes the cat, then she thinks it is time to eat and will not stop howling for the next hour, tail hitting you in the face. Don’t disturb the cat.

A careful somewhat yoga inspired dance begins so as to not make any movement or noise.  The level of concentration needed only makes things worse… and more urgent. All creative thoughts are gone.  If one is successful in the adventure at hand however, then normal slumber activities can be resumed. Careful crawling commences in reverse. A quick glance at the clock shows an hour of precious sleep remains. Then you see it….the shine of the one cat eye staring right at yours, watching….she knows you are awake. It squints in question…am I getting up or not she wonders. Fake sleeping begins. The cat is fooled for now, or too lazy to get up either, having already had a visit to the litter box earlier, so no urgent need to get going. But what of all those great ideas I had?  Painting titles and show comments, social observations and fashion hints, all lost to the golden hour. The logical thing to do is to keep a pad and pen by the bedside and write stuff down as it jackhammers through my brain. All well and good if one could see without help or write with one arm and hand perpetually asleep in a state of pins and needles. Both conditions just another aspect of getting older.

Sometimes I think I posted a commentary only to find that it is still in my documents file, now too late to be of any relevance. Sometimes I head out the door with good intentions to see a show and end up solving a problem or running an errand for someone else, maybe the change oil light won’t stop dinging or a forgotten deadline suddenly cycles back through the cerebellum just in time to be met. Whatever the excuse, it should not be used. It is my own fault. So too do many of those golden hour ideas  get through the morning mist and remain on the brain inspiring me to change course for the day. The curse of the creative mind I suppose. Wouldn’t that make a great horror movie title? “Curse of the Creative Mind!”

Perhaps with my taking classes again this fall (required by the State of OH for my license renewal again….) I shall be more disciplined to sit down and write real words that you all can see. I actually saw a wonderful show yesterday and will get that posting out in due time……scouts honor.

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  1. I so feel your "pain." And yes, I have a sketch pad and pen within arms reach as I get amazing painting "visions" every morning. Accomplishing the task is easier as here there is no cat, no other humans. Thanks for the good giggle. I always enjoy your writing. <3