Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dear Face of the Earth,

Beauty on Alcatraz, isolated but life goes on.

I know that you and I have not been in contact much recently but sometimes choices have to be made which do not benefit ourselves, but others. Yeah, I get it, that is not how many folks approach life anymore but that is why I consider myself to be “old school”.  Generations past came up with some pretty good sayings such as …”out of sight, out of mind”, “absence makes the heart (oh, never mind on that one), well whatever, you get my drift. 

So Mother Earth, what has been happening in your world? Babies shot in the face, chemical weapons in the Middle East, and a government that thinks you have finally developed the money tree? No wonder you and I have been separated lately, your situation looks as sad as mine. I want to apologize to you for all the people complaining about the snow this week. I think it is beautiful. They just do not appreciate being able to wake up and see the stuff and admire your beauty, free of chairs, or machines, or wires, or drips….they just like to bitch I guess.  I want to apologize too for all the arguments over your gifts to us, that seems like a waste of time as well, but I am finding that lots of people just like to hear themselves talk. Oh yeah,…”Silence is golden” , that was a good one. 

My world?,  oh, it is moving along slow and steady, under the radar, sort of like one of your deep lava flows until one day …BOOM! Right out of the top of some mountain with lots of heat and smoke and noise.  Until then however, I am glad to see that cat TV is back on the air, even if the darn squirrels have been studying stealth feeder climbing in the off season.  Your flowers will be up soon and the grass will begin to grow which means lots of “creative thinking time” behind the mower. Not that the endless miles of highway haven’t provided lots of “thinking time” too. Seen some weird stuff so early in the mornings, but thanks for keeping the deer out of my way!

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a note about how appreciative I am for all your blessings and moments of sheer beauty that go overlooked by others.  All these grids and radars and electronic devices have taken away our ability to just look up at the clouds every now and then to find a cat in the cumulous or maybe a stallion in the stratus.  Say hi to all of my friends out there and keep providing inspiration for their artwork, even if I don’t mention it, I do like to see it. Looking forward to getting back in touch on a more regular basis when nature takes it course…oh yeah, I guess that is sort of your domain too under another name. So that means you will understand when the time is right.

Love to all,

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