Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blog Clog

A Rick Huggett original!

So I take some time off because I had nothing to say that would not get me run out of town, and now there is so much out there to see and write about that my brain hurts. Of course that could be caused by my fez begin too tight or the monkey grinder tether being too short. Watch for that reference in an upcoming painting.

First I must clarify a recent Facebook post that announced the change in my off site work space, Snarky Art. No I am not closing….at least for now. So many changes are happening in our little corner of downtown, some good, some questionable, and a decision will need to be made as to whether a satellite nest is still a necessity.  Having a reason to get out of one’s PJ’s before setting the oven temp for dinner is one thing to consider however. 

When I said a “new look” that did not refer to my cutting off of hair or any personal changes other than perhaps a change of wrinkle creams (from regular to extra strength). A new look meant a different way of doing business and existing within the physical space, my work will go back to what made me very successful for so many years. Because of the economy, the exhibition business has had to change and I need to focus on changing with it. That means reestablishing a body of work relevant to today’s social issues or……just finding reasons to make people laugh and smile again despite those issues. 

Re-dedication to……………..well, that list is growing by the day!  

New solo show for January…….when the postcards arrive, I will post the details. 

What is in my space now downtown has got to go…………perhaps in a bonfire of my own vanity? Okay, not the signature pieces, but all that small stuff and prints and things which fall into the well of retail, that path has hit a fork in the road, which I shall take at the end of the month.

Now that that is cleared up for some of you it is time to look at some art. Coming up will be a review of the new show at the Canton Museum featuring the Cleveland School of watercolorists and local ceramicists (that is a little used word). Perhaps a visit to Studio M and maybe I will even comment about my show with Cindy Nichols at the WE Gallery in Akron. I miss the writing process but so many people are on the blog train that trying to find a seat with a view is getting harder and harder. However, I shall drink a little drano and squeeze on board to see where the 2013 train is headed….assuming the Mayans just broke for a three martini lunch and forgot to finish the calendar.

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