Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Passing through....

So far this empty nest is more like a haven for migratory birds.

Remember that saddle I was supposed to be back into? Well….guess I forgot to hitch up the belly strap because I fell off it again. Good intentions count for nothing so I apologize for not getting out and about to see the shows and snark. Somehow all my “free time” that everyone mentioned 6 months ago as being a big issue has yet to materialize. I am truly okay with that because I could use a whole lot more free time to balance all the art project time currently occupying my allotted hours of life.

When not behind an easel or over at the shipping place (ever notice there is no frequent shopper card for fex-ex?) the sidewalk has called out again now that the grass has agreed to slow down just a bit. Walking produces an endless stream of ideas, random thoughts and unpublished rants all of which I seem to forget upon returning home which must be a form of driveway dementia.

Now and then I can recall an obscure and totally useless line of questioning so I shall share one with you that came up last week among a group of ….um….”middle aged” (good thing none of them read this) friends. Wrinkle cream. Specifically the marketing of wrinkle creams designated as for day use or night use. How does my wrinkle cream know when it is dark outside? What about time zone changes or daylight savings time? What if I work the night shift and therefore it is my “day” so do I wear the night cream or the day cream? What if I don’t take off my night cream and wear it during the day?  Such musings are what happens when one has too much free time. Are wrinkle cream and anti-wrinkle cream the same thing? Maybe I am causing these wrinkles because I used the wrong one and I should be anti-wrinkle-ing instead. But then I could buy anti-aging cream which may but a stop to not just wrinkles but also hot flashes and gravity affected body parts. (which would be one ugly label). If I could get a night time anti aging cream maybe I would wake up looking years younger….I think someone made a horror movie with a similar plot.

Maybe I should just go back to drawing…..
Thanks for sticking around, I will try and be more productive between bird sightings.


  1. I think I'd avoid "Scar Cream" juuuuust to be safe!

  2. Mix olive oil with a fresh beaten egg and avocado (mashed).
    Apply cling file over the top to seal in all the nutrients, having applied this to ones face and body. Try this for 2 weeks.
    Let me know how it all goes?