Friday, February 25, 2011

Send in the Clouds!

Yes, my blog had been really quiet lately. It is not that there are any issues which have not ticked me off enough to write about or that there are art shows to go see…but the problem is that I love grey, cloudy, crummy NE Ohio weather because I get tons of stuff done! My creativity level reaches a manic high when the skies are closed over and the surrounding air is filled with liquid or solid sunshine.  Why? Because if the sun is out, then I have to be out too. Remember those photos from National Geographic (no…not those photos….) the ones of people in Siberia and other tundra covered locations, that stand outside half dressed in 40 degree weather whenever the sun comes out? I am like that. Because we see the sun so little around here, I feel guilty working inside during daylight hours. Then the daylight hours are longer when the sun season finally arrives so absolutely nothing gets done in my home studio. By the time it gets dark, cocktail hour arrives and art is done for the day.

Since another snowy gray day has arrived (thanks for the 5:30 am phone call that school is canceled Mr. Robocaller Guy)…)I have a full slate of projects lined up! Ever since de-hoarding (okay, de-pack-ratting) the storage area, too many ideas are clouding my brain. I may have to store some outside in the cold where the cloudy cells can commune with their cloudy cloud friends… put’m on ice as the saying goes.

As far as blogs and show reviews go, I hope to make as many as possible but March is “mom month” so who knows where I’ll be. Well…I know where I’ll be you don’t’ need to. Yes, it will be tough doing my Scout Leader duty supervising teenagers in the waters off of Key West, but someone has to guide the youth of America in their quest to catch a fish in the deep blue sea. In the meantime, off to work while the sun don’t shine!!

Carol Mendenhall has a show opening tonight at the Massillon Museum 6 – 8 pm (Lincolnway is downhill going west so if you swing south at the right moment, the ice will be your friend). Diane Belfiglio has her show in Youngstown (it is only raining over there today….).  My show is open in Cleveland but nobody is going that direction today! The internet has lots of shows on them. I am in touch with an emerging young artist from Vietnam who has connections to the Canton area so if you want to “travel” to a warm spot, check out her website but use the Google translator button because I don’t think most of us speak the language.  otherwise, go hide in your studios and create! 

As far as blogs, I actually have several unpublished ones because my editor in chief says they are too depressing to post. See what happens when a 60 degree sunshiney day pops up in the end of February? Stay warm my friends.

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