Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary to SnarkyArt

Today marks the one year anniversary of my first blog posting, numbering 123 entries, since I first got online with Snarky Art.  Now I have to decide if it is worth continuing with reviews and commentary or pour those hours of viewing and writing into my own visual artwork instead. The lack of feedback and followers can get frustrating.  I was told to get on Facebook, that the exposure to an increased number of people would help. Well….it didn’t. Not that I can tell anyway.  Then again, I find the challenge of writing positive and comprehensible commentary to be very good for my brain cells since medical science has proven that exercising our mental capabilities is just as important to productive longevity as is watching our diets and finances.  And to add to the column of positive aspects…..this is so much cheaper than a therapist!

So let us review how things have changed in the past 365 days of being a blogger. The Akron area is currently off my radar since I no longer travel up there twice a week. I have found a couple of spaces that I would not have visited if not writing about them.  The work of many area artists has come to my attention with far deeper appreciation than if I was not writing about them. My house would probably be covered in eggs and my tires flattened if I did not have a pre-reader for each posting who advises me on just how far I can go without crossing the line towards the negative. I refuse to be critical of anyone, instead offering feedback (which is a gift according to the principles of Scouting) where I would do so if still a teacher in the classroom.  Some postings have allowed a bit of insight into aspects of what influences and motivates me to work in the visual arts. And finally, no matter how many times my name appears in print….it is still spelled wrong at least half the time.

Now that Snarky Art is a studio location as well, outside of my dedicated three rooms here at home (I miss my enormous work space and the exercise of running up and down the stairs 10 times a day however), my work has changed dramatically. Being “at work” again, as in leaving at a specific time, returning at a specific time, scheduling things around work hours, has made me far more productive.  So too, has what I am creating changed and will be changing dramatically over the next year or so. Endings and beginnings are both in sight. So the question remains out there….is this blog site one of those endings or am I just beginning to be a place for others to find something to talk about? What say you?


  1. I imagine that a lot of people read your column, as I do... but if we don't leave you a comment, can you know we were here? I do appreciate your writing. I can look at art from your perspective through it and thus learn a bit from the viewpoint and about you. Thanks for all you do. Therapists can be so tedious? ;)

  2. It sometimes drives me a bit nuts that so very few folks "out there" leave any comments. It's ironic to me that the ones (artists and non-artists) I know who are so sold and vocal on the virtues of social networking are precisely the ones I rarerly if ever hear from, facebook notwithstanding. Let your heart be your guide here. I do enjoy your perspectives. Be well.