Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gary's Story

As we all count our blessings, as we should everyday, I want to write just this short essay about somebody who needs your prayers and especially a written note or card to encourage him to choose life. Since this is cancer awareness month, allow me to share some thoughts about Gary.

My family and his family have been friends since 1961 when our mom's met while our dads were in Europe guarding a line that was to become the Berlin Wall. That story of friendship is way to long to share, but four core families became officially known as "The Group". Gary is the oldest of the 2nd generation.  He never married other than to his job.

He served 20 years in the US Navy, at one time as the navigator of a nuclear submarine, hence under foreign waters for months at a time. I would paint portholes for his officers' quarters so he could have a view. There are several funny stories about Admirals inspecting the ship and finding the pictures still taped to the inside of the submarine. Oops!  Later on he completed law school and is currently working in LA. Some of his clients have testified in front of Congress. Gary never did anything half way, it was go big or go home. Unfortunately, his cancer is as aggressive as he is. As a military vet, he fought for us so now I am asking us to fight for him. His family has requested cards and letters of encouragement to help his spirit fight back. If you could, please send a few will wishes and prayers to the following address and ask anyone else to do so as well. He has no spouse or children, just his "Group", his clients and his immediate family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Gary Holmes
1420 Ambassador Street   Apt. 312
Los Angeles, California    90035

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  1. Is this the Gary Holmes who graduated from the University of Virginia in 1976 and was commissioned as a Naval officer? I am a classmate and am trying to find him. I live in San Diego. Please email me if it is the same man:
    Sincerely, Peter Kennedy