Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quick fare from the fair

I’ve been behind on my self-imposed quota of three postings per week due to a constipated calendar, however….now that school has started and shows are happening on a more regular basis, I hope to become more regular myself!

Just a quick posting here to prove that I do not have to make-up the source material for my paintings. I was as the local fair last night as a chaperone for band practice. While they marched the field, I went off with my camera in search of some interesting faces. Unfortunately people hate to have their picture taken so I usually resort to more stealth techniques. I found out that taking pictures of a chicken can cause it undue stress, especially if the chicken is also depressed. According to its owner, the fowl in question was suffering from both maladies. How one knows if a chicken is stressed and depressed is beyond me, but I was sternly instructed to leave the poultry to pout in private. I wonder if they make Prozac for poultry.

Off to the dairy barns where I encountered a cow wash. I guess bovines don’t mind being photographed while in the shower, but the owner kept ducking behind her charge. She was not too happy with me either. I took a few quick clicks and then passed on by as a hose was dangerously close to missing its intended target and hitting me.

Hoping that sheep and goats might be more cooperative proved a falsehood as well. Sheep people are very protective. Maybe these folks thought I was a spy for the competition even though I was not dressed like the others setting up plates of pumpkins, potatoes and peas for judging. I did manage to get a good shot of some goats wearing coats (to protect their coats I supposed) before a rather disgruntle goat guy shooed me away. With all due respect, I passed by the pig pens figuring the reception would not be any better.

A painting is definitely gelling in my brain about this experience at the fair. I just need to find a camera that shoots sideways so I can pretend to be aiming at architecture and not animal handlers. Life is so unfair.

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  1. Wow ! What a Great Blog.

    Really enjoyed reading it!

    A depressed chicken will not lay eggs. I will look into seeing if Prozax can be added to their corn and soybean meal to Snap them out of it.

    actually, it appeared to me that the OWNERS of the Chicken, Cow, and Sheep Pens you visited needed the Prozax !!!

    I mean you were only going to take a picture of their animals..come on, it is not like you were going to Waterboard them!

    Judi, Look forward to your next post !