Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cari Miller at Studio M

Studio M is currently showing 23 pieces of art by Carie Miller on view through September 19th. Listed as paintings in the title, one will actually find 5 mirrors, 5 photographs, 7 collages and 6 traditional media paintings. I asked my companion to give me one word to describe the show. After a pause, the word was “primary”. I asked if that was a reference to color or to age level subject matter and together decided it meant both.

The statement says the show is intended to celebrate summer through colors and emotion, bringing some happiness to an otherwise drab part of the country. A free lance artist since 1995, I don’t know Ms. Miller personally nor have I seen her work before so this is a blind assessment on my part. I appreciated her explanation regarding motivation, inspiration and dedication.

The Sun Series is by far her strongest imagery and one worth pursing on a commercial level. It could be a successful concept for the lucrative graphic arts market. The technique of large blocks of color separated by thick black lines reminds me of Britto’s work and the offset compositions are much like BZTAT’s approach. The best of all the Sun Series paintings is “Pride” which encompasses the complete package of proper framing, scale, color and use of additional media to render the subject matter to its fullest potential. The mirrors which also use the same technique as the Suns, but with different subject matter could also be pursed on a production level. I am not seeing them (no pun intended) as a gallery display as much as I do an art festival entity. They would sell well in that type of venue with a bit more attention paid to the inner edges of the paintings along the transitional side of the mirror insert. Some of the pieces were painted to the edge and made a big difference in the presentation. Others were not and therefore less successful. Attention to detail is very important when presenting work to the public.

The word “edit” comes to mind with this show. Her photos are well done but unfortunately lost amongst the other pieces. I would like to have seen them all together on one wall. My companion picked out “Raspberry Dreams” as a favorite, a colorized digital photo of a daisy. Some of the other photos are not enhanced which speaks well for their content and presentation. It was almost like two different artists in one space (I have the same problem and therefore separate my two artistic “selves” from each other as much as possible).

Does one get the connection to her statement in its entirety? Absolutely, and be sure to read it before taking in the show. What motives an artist is very important regardless of how a viewer can or cannot relate to the work. What the public sometimes forgets is that the work is not “for them”, it is “from the artist” for the GP to share. The judgment of what is good and what is bad is subjective. Objectivity comes into play in areas of presentation such as chinked mats or threads of glue not removed. Subjectivity is one’s personal feelings about what is displayed. I enjoyed my few moments in the sun and would like to someday see a full show of nothing but the Suns in her signature style. Until then, Ms. Miller needs to find a market, develop a plan, and get the imagery out on commercial products where I am sure she could be quite successful!

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