Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Women always have issues......

My signature work is about women as many of you know. Therefore, I spend a lot of time going through fluff magazines, watching insipid television shows, and following the goings on of the younger generations in order to keep tabs on the pulse of women's issues as they relate to how we as a gender are depicted in society. This is a fancy way of saying that reading Vogue is work related and reality TV is research. One finds the oddest stuff in the fine print (or in the case of TV, between the lines) of such media.

Case in point, one religious group has blamed the recent rash of worldwide earthquakes on women dressing inappropriately in public. So…..how come no earthquakes in Nevada recently? Another article was about a woman who raised 900 million dollars for the MoMA and got a Jasper Johns painting in the process. Hell honey, for that amount of money, you should have gotten not only Jasper’s, but one of Andy’s, Pablo’s and a Koon’s just for kicks.

Another article was all whiny about how fashions are not in the stores during the season we wear them. Okay, that one I agree with, but isn’t 4 pairs of black boots a bit excessive? Obviously she lives someplace where the black does not become a grayish sludge due to salt residue. This brings me to the idea of manikins. I did my share of dressing them and the rule was to put on as much expensive stuff as possible because some women come in and just buy what is on it from head to toe thinking that is the “in” thing. Maybe that is where my ideas first started. On that note then, how often do you ever see anybody (around our area mind you) really wearing all that stuff being sold in stores? The “teen” stores are full of little skirts and fluffy blouses, but I have yet to see a teen wearing them even though bags of goods leave the stores each day. I find it all very strange. I wore a dress the other day due to having 4 events back to back with no time to change, well goodness gracious, one would have thought an earthquake was imminent!

Fortunately I have returned to my Women series of paintings because the amount of material I have to deal with is growing by the day. Interesting enough, the source of much of it is in my own backyard so to speak. Who needs Hollywood or New York when I can open a local rag mag and have to go find a roll of duct tape to keep my head from exploding? While in the basement, I may have to get a wrench to turn off a faucet or two as well…..hmmm…what did I say in the first paragraph about fine print being between the lines?

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