Thursday, April 8, 2010

The 800 Pound Gorilla

I wonder if the antics of the “Guerilla Girls” are discussed in art history classes anymore. This group of New York based female artists formed in the early 1980’s with the intent of evening the playing field in the male dominated art scene. For more detailed info, check out Wikipedia, Facebook, Google and so forth as they are still an active group now gone global.

Driving around town looking for kitchen chairs, my husband and I were talking about some of the public art in town. I said that I thought it would be funny to see the “Screaming heads” as I call them, suddenly sprout a pair of bunny ears and eventually some light up red noses in the winter. As a matter of fact, bunny ears would look pretty funny on some of the big animal pieces scattered around town. Public art is meant to be interactive and bunny ears would more fun than picking the trash out of their bellies. Seems some of the “public” find it fun to push trash through the holes.

Why not a giant fish hook coming off of a nearby building to lure (pun intended) one of the outdoor fish sculptures. By the way, I want one of those for my front yard. I just added a cactus with a sombrero to our front garden which I assume will be stolen by next weekend so space will be available.

My younger son had a great idea for an exercise in public reactions. We were going through the round-about on Wales road and he pointed out how hilarious it would be to get a line of cars, maybe 8 or so, and keep going around and around the inner circle road without exiting on one of the spokes. Nothing says one must exit. Each time one passes the fire station, yell “wwweeeeeeeeeeee” and keep on going. At the first sign of an aggravated driver on the spoke roads, everybody split off and keep driving. We figured the group could probably get three full rotations before anybody caught on to the intentional turning.

The Jerry Pert outside of the local Museum….oh I have had lots of ideas for that one. But I don’t relish spending a few nights in jail so best to keep my ideas to myself. A little detergent in the fountain at AU (a looooooooooooongg time ago) is about a daring as I get, unless I buy a gorilla mask…

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