Sunday, November 15, 2009

Welcome to SnarkyArt where you may discover something fun and fabulous!

Welcome to SnarkyArt! I finally got so frustrated with traditional art reviews that I felt a need to add my own $1 (adjusted for inflation of course) to the list of writers who tell others what they think. I can’t tell you how many times I have avoided going to an art show because it sounded so boring! Art critics often do just that, criticize, analyze and pick apart a show so much so that who would want to go see it? On the flip side, (does anyone under 40 know where that phrase comes from?) when there are kind words or praise for pieces rendered, then I have to go get a thesaurus (a book with definitions in it, much like a dictionary, that can be lovingly held in one’s hands) to figure out if a compliment is back-handed, upper-handed or heavy-handed.
On this blog site, I will offer my own reviews (and/or impressions, observations, annoyances, complaints, compliments…..) in simple, easy to digest, fiber free servings of personal opinion. If I see a great show, I want you to see it too. If it really bites, well, you will learn that too without having to consult any reference books.
This won’t be all about art all of the time however, as lots of things ruffle me enough to say something. Usually I resort to canvas to do my dirty work, but here, the laundry will be hung out in the open. Speaking of which, in my neighborhood we are not allowed to hang our laundry outside because it could detract from the ambiance of our garbage can free curbs and matching mailboxes. Consequently, I also encounter many good things being done by good people that go completely unnoticed; I want to alter that situation as well.
So please join me here at the clothesline every so often while I lay things on the line and air out my observations.

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