Sunday, September 4, 2016

Question of the Month… there is no place like home.

Out of respect for those who were victims and/or victimized/vandalized in the closing hours of this past First Friday, there will be no wrap up posting.

Our final Question of the Month answers are below. If anyone is interested in continuing this activity, the chalkboard and easel are yours. Contact us at Journey/Snarky Art before Sept 23.

“If you were to follow your own personal Yellow Brick Road, where would it lead to?”
Actual destination places: Hilton Head – Costa Rica – Bora Bora – Hawaii – Ireland – Jamaica – Paris – Las Vegas – Chicago – Paradise Falls – South America – Cincinnati – Dalles, Oregon.

People: Alex – Lisa – Bronne – Jill Frances – Harambe (the gorilla) – Melissa – Susan – Des – Moe – Cali – Jeffree Star – the Bab - my sister – to a place where I could sit down and talk to my mother…I really miss her!

Actual existing places: home – up north – the pool – the fridge – here – houdini’s – school – Print and Press – the Shire - Hamilton

Odd: chicken paprikash – weenies

Personal Places:  my dreams – happiness – Atlantis – an adventure – hell – Heaven (2)

And with that, 22 Questions have been offered and answered since October 2014. A final “Thank you for playing” to all who came out. Stay tuned for many more blogs to come….God bless.

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