Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May First Friday wrap up and up dates

The Junior Varsity Team worked the Snarky Art and Journey First Friday this past week. Thanks to Andy, Matt, Travis and team captains Meg and Rich.  The place is still standing but we need to start moving merchandise so the whole she-bang doesn’t have to move. We love to be here for you but you need to be here for us a well…..

Our project was an Open Studio for anyone to use the available supplies and create works of art for our clothes pin show. The Team says more than half wanted to take home their projects (who is going to argue with a kid?) but only 3 pins were left unused so the results were great.

Our Question of the Month (in honor of Mother’s Day) was “If your Mom or Grandma worked outside the home, what was her job?” 53 answers are on the board and here they are…….

Greek and Latin teacher – Bible teacher – special needs teacher -  teacher (3) – store clerk – Meyers Lake Park worker – disaster relief worker – medical secretary – church secretary – secretary (5) – auctioneer – CEO – nurse (4) – seamstress (3) – HR manager – HUD manager – dental assistant – butcher – bar keeper – phone operator (2) – appliance sales – social worker (4) – school bus driver – March of Dimes – post office – chef – pharmacy tech – plastics factory – insurance agent – realtor (2) – waitress – florist – nanny – home health care worker – guest services – drug store – clothing designer – and my all-time favorite answer… she wouldn’t have time!

Next month will be our Frisbee Flowers project and our question is “What do you collect?” This is the season of birthdays, weddings, showers, anniversaries, graduations and Father’s day so if you need a unique gift, we have one (or many). With the cicada invasion on its way, we provide a safe haven from the swarm too. Look for our display at Vintage Canton and our one of kind creations in the Hall of Fame Fashion Show!

Thanks again for playing!

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