Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hear ye, hear ye

Yes, I have been very quiet over the course of the last few weeks. As the old adage goes, if you can’t say something nice….then don’t say anything.  However, there is a flip side to that…if one had many nice and wonderful things to share, don’t do that either because it comes across as arrogant and boastful. So…..I am sitting here comfortably between a rock and a hard place. Good thing I have a seat cushion and my water bottle (a scout is always prepared) because I may be here awhile. Hmmm…what to do, what to do……..

Can’t talk about the 99% situation…..

Have not had time to see a couple of newly opened shows…..

The empty nest is full of good news for the migrating birds…………..

Studio spaces are bursting with new projects and a couple of long term series’ in development…..

Grass keeps growing and growing so “think time” continues although I am running out of creative patterns to make each clipping session interesting. The fallen leaves do add an element of pattern and design not available in the summer months however. 

Guess it would be okay to share one big piece of good news….the fact the prayer REALLY works in case anybody was questioning that prospect.  After 10 years of battle, my Dad will finally get his cochlear ear implant right before Thanksgiving (how’s that for timing?) and over the two years which follow, will slowly regain his ability to hear the world and the people around him. I don’t give a rat’s butt what anybody thinks of Rush Limbaugh, but the man has one too and he can run a successful radio show. So hope and prayer and a mountain of paperwork and testing have all come down to the hands of doctors.  

Yes, it will be a mechanical device, but people invented it, people created it, people will implant it, and people will fine tune it. So all those who live and breathe for those latest phones and such, do stop and pay some tribute to the source of such things.  Don’t misplace the excitement for what that little electronic box can do for the blessings of the man and the people who made it possible for you to own one.

And one final message to all those sitting around a park someplace complaining about no work…you could start with picking up after yourselves so somebody else doesn’t have to (do the work).   If one is truly against big business, then put down the phones, the computers, and the name brand coffee, take off the shoes and the jeans, get out of the tents and the sleeping bags and stop using shampoo or other products in containers, don’t drive anyplace, and take your money out of any cyber location because they are all from what source? Say it with me now….big businesses. If you truly have nothing better to do, have you forgotten that an overworked mom could use some help, that abandoned lots could get cleaned out, children and the elderly could use a friend to talk to…………..guess I just think that free time could be a lot more productive if one thinks past themselves and towards what can be done for somebody else. 

Oops! I wasn’t supposed to say anything if it wasn’t nice.  So…How about that score last night? 31-28..go bears!

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  1. God has given man the ability to think and create-----possibilities are endless. Thanks be to God