Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thursday August 25 ---BBBFAAMFDE

Hi all! Surprised I have not found mushrooms growing on my site, but now it is time to get back into the Snarky saddle and fire up the commentary. I think summer was here…not quite sure as super busy does not even begin to describe these past few months. All of it good times and good news of course which is the inevitable ebb and flow of life, with an even busier few months yet to come, but at least my ducks cooperate and can walk in rows without too much trouble.  

Yes, I’ve missed major shows at Anderson Creative and the North Canton Little Art Gallery as well as at the Massillon Museum and even my own galerie, but “oh the places I’ve been” to quote Dr. Seuss.  That being said, the PLACE TO BE is coming this Thursday! 

5 – 9 pm (or 5:30 to 9ish creative time) at the Canton Cultural Center this Thursday (did I say that already?), August 25, will be the Brennis Booth Bunch Fundraiser Art Auction Music Food and Drink Extravaganza thingy. I am sure there is a better title out there but mine works well enough.  $20 at the door per ticket (or buy early which you can find out about on Facebook) and cash bar. Lots of original art by local favorites, gift baskets, plane rides, getaways and so forth (live auction for the big ticket items) all to benefit our Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts of the Arts District and local raconteur of the Student Union (2nd April) Brennis Booth and his partner Todd Walburn, the Associate Dean of all things Left Brained, as they continue to recover from B’s bout with clogged pipes.

I know that my associations extend beyond the artistic community so that is to whom I am speaking (channeling Ernestine once again).  Artists, creative types and locals will show for sure, but why should you “non-art” types come too? Well……shop for some early Christmas presents for one thing. Buy original art which at other times may not be this easy to get (who doesn’t love a silent auction shoving match?), hear some major music industry icons play up close and personal, laugh with the Scared Scriptless group which may lead to a monthly comedy addiction, eat, drink, and socialize in a casual environment of camaraderie.  Heck you can even get all gussied up if you want, artists don’t care. Many people have been hard at work putting all of this together in a matter of weeks which is truly amazing considering that some big benefits take a year to pull off.

Never been to the “Arts District” because Fridays are busy?... and well….you are not the “artsy-fartsy type” which I hear far too often and detest with a passion….then come by on Thursday for your sampler platter of what we are, who we are, where we are and why we do what we do all for one cause, to support those who support us!!

Complete lists and details can be found on Facebook which if knew how to use it better, then I could link you to the information directly however…..I don’t so I can’t. Those who can, feel free to abscond with this post and add at will.

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