Sunday, January 2, 2011

The end of Gary's Story.

I must say I am deeply humbled and in awe of the power that lies in things we will never know or understand. For those of you who read “Gary’s Story” a while back, I am saddened to report that Gary lost his battle with cancer on New Year’s Day. He was in the company of family at the time of his death.

What has me in awe is that his brother sent me a message about my blog and how it served to reconnect Gary with a long lost dear friend and former roommate. This friend who went on to graduate from the seminary will officiate at Gary’s service in the coming weeks. At the time my blog appeared, this man was conducting a search for Gary just to see what had ever happened to his old buddy. A shot in the dark, a chance encounter in cyber space, or an act of God, I don’t know which, though I tend to favor the latter choice. One can say timing is everything, but sometimes, one just has to have faith that nothing is consequential or circumstantial. This friend was able to visit with Gary several times over the month or so he had left. Gary’s brother wrote….” They had not seen or heard from each other in decades. It was a touching reunion and you should be content in knowing that you helped bring peace and closure for Gary at a time when he needed it most.” His words have made me cry. I did nothing but write a posting to ask for the prayers of all those who read my words. I am glad we were successful. Perhaps not in making his time on this earth any longer, but in making the time he had left, all that much better. He knew he was loved, and now he will be missed as well.  

Rest in peace my dear friend and may you sit now with God in a place far better than this one.


  1. I am sorry for your loss. I am glad for their gain. When in doubt, do something as you never know what your small action might bring.

  2. Actually, I should think and hope it's just the BEGINNING of Greg's story. Thanks for talking about the journey.