Thursday, December 2, 2010

People….seriously? Why?

Reading the daily papers has become downright depressing. Not because of economic news, housing woes or another loosing sports team, but because of people.  We all know that bad news sells, but why does there have to be so many sources of bad news? Just this morning I read about some middle aged lady who shoved a 100 year old Walmart helper to the floor, just because she asked about some items on the bottom of her cart. Most likely, the woman with the cart was stealing and therefore felt justified to get out at all costs.  But shove a 100 year old lady? Would it not have drawn less attention to just pretend that you did not hear her and keep going?  By the time Grannie could shuffle off to get backup, said shoplifter could disappear into the crowded parking lot and not have risked injuring someone.  Of course the shoplifter was wrong, I know that, but maybe Walmart should have had a more youthful and robust vest-wearing doorman on duty. Although I know quite a few Grannies that could kick some serious butt with just “the look” and a tone of voice, but I suppose she was trying to be nice and use good manners (customer courtesy and all).

Hmmm…what else? How about the man who failed at committing suicide but had left his three young sons, still lost, on the side of a busy highway (so he said in story version number 2)? Kill your genius self, fine, go for it (could not even get that right Einstein, now we have pay for it if they find your sons no longer alive). But if you are going to abandon children out of spite, try a hospital, church, fire station, even a shopping mall near security, with a note pinned to their jackets. After all, you had not planned on being around for the supper so who cares if you got caught later? Oh I know, you wanted the mother to suffer, well guess what, now we are all suffering and praying and hoping for a positive outcome. Meanwhile you will live off of our tax dollars in warm comfort with three meals a day after of course free medical care for your failed attempt.

Let’s see, the entertainment section says a former (read “has been”) celebrity was stopped for drunk driving. Of course that empty bottle of whiskey on the seat had nothing to do with it. He is innocent don’t you know!  Oh goodie, we probably have to pay for him too because he partied away all his royalties trying not to be forgotten and hence needs a state appointed lawyer.

Oh yes, can’t forget the women who think their wombs are clown cars and then get all  indignant when some of their kids get tossed out of school for fighting and misbehavior.  Wonder if it has anything to do with a lack of attention and living in front of a camera all the time? No, of course not, we all know the teachers are at fault for not recognizing little Johnny’s superior socialization skills from having been on screen since his close-up on the fetal monitor. Usually we get a run down on all their recent surgical enhancements that were needed to correct all the stress related wrinkles and gravitationally challenged body parts brought about by having so many litters…I mean little ones.

Even the sports pages are irritating, not because of team results or that sort of thing, but because they feature these lovely photos of Mommy and Daddy and Coach all smiling while little Susie pretends to sign a paper to play some college sport. For every one of those kids, there are 100 of us out here with children waiting to hear it they got into their college of choice based on music, or academics, or volunteer work , or good test scores, or the any other criteria not related to how well one sweats. Why not picture little Joey signing his letter of intent to go to Harvard because he got a 4.9 GPA? I bet Mommy and Daddy would be smiling just as much, and perhaps a beloved teacher standing there too. Better yet, where is Tasha’s signing picture because her portfolio won a gold key in NY and she is going to RISD? I am glad Susie can play tetherball or whatever really well and agrees to do so at Youknowwho U but I would just for once like to see some equal time for those not so athletically inclined whose talents lie elsewhere.

  But enough for now, I could go on and on and on and on……..but I need to stay in the Christmas spirit and go pray for those missing little boys too. Join me if you wish.

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