Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Snarky Art…the Studio

Yes, it is true. I will have a space at 2nd April Galerie by the First Friday in July. With the partitioning off of some ground floor studio spaces, the time was right for me to venture forth from the “cave” and actually have to put on make-up and get dressed each day so as to interact with my fellow artists on a more civilized plane. I mean I could just “come as I am” from jammies to studio scrubs, but why scare the living daylights out of my new neighbors too soon?

Actually with any luck, the space will be ready by late June as I can’t be at the “opening” in July due to prior commitments with the Boy Scouts. My intent is to set up the area for painting and display of the funky acrylics for which I have become known if you will. With a solo show of new pieces looming ahead in February, I better get some new pieces done. This space will give me the kick in the behind dedication needed to complete the task at hand as well as provide me better conversation then my cats. Any one of my new neighbors hacks a hairball on my floor however and it is game on!

As all artists will tell you, when working in the presence of others, our work changes, usually for the better because we become more aware of immediate feedback and reaction. Just remember who holds the brush! The new space will probably be called Snarky Art….the Studio, since I already have that name for this site. My own name would work too but it seems that most people can’t spell it right so maybe a change of reference is needed. A guest book will be available at all times too so you can let me know if you stopped by or wish to comment on any of the works in progress or on display. So scoot over kids and make some room in the sandbox, I want to come out and play too!

Pastel Drawing / Sketching Workshop

I will be teaching a pastel drawing and general sketching workshop on Saturday, June 19th at the North Canton Library Classroom. Reservations are being handled by the Canton Artists League so if you are interested, contact them (info below). The time is 9 – 1 and the cost is only $15 (bring your own supplies and a sack lunch). Register: Carol Mendenhall 330-494-9908 or cmendenhall4104@sbcglobal.net

Folk Friday May 21 and June 18 at 2nd April Galerie

Brennis and Todd have invited me back to sit and draw (willing victims or unsuspecting strangers) while the music plays. 6 – 7:45 pm on the main floor of the gallery….right outside of what will be my new space.

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