Monday, November 16, 2009


Remember that song “I’m in the money”? We all know the tune, so sing this with me….
I’m in the paper,
I’m in the paper,
They even spelled my name right
After all these years!
Yes, I made the paper today. (Friday 11/13/09) I do check it every day starting in the obits and then moving to the crime reports. Finding nothing, I can move on to the other possible locations. Today, it was a drawing of mine in the arts announcement section. But today is a special day as my husband also made the paper. He is in an article about his profession too. What are the odds of that? (Us being in the paper on the same day, not his being in an article related to his job.) Actually, he got mentioned in 2 papers, but they are owned by the same parent company so I guess it counts for 2 points because the bills go to 2 different names which is really stupid as it is the same address. But I got a picture of my work in one paper so do photos count as 2 points? But then he got a long quote in one of the papers so that adds another point. Not that I am keeping score or anything. His story was much more endearing. But my name was spelled right and after 17 years I am glad it finally sunk in. I used to collect misspellings of my name, all 8 letters of it, which got to be rather amusing.
Being mentioned in the paper is always an interesting event. One waits to see how many emails arrive saying “I saw you in the paper!” If have a photo of me, that is a true statement, in this most recent case, the response should be “Do you like my mustache?” in hopes that the writer will realize the grammatical faux pas that it was not ME in the paper, it was some guy I drew for a portrait study. Speaking of which, the title is not his real name as I needed an “R” name to work with the word “robe” and I could not even remember the model’s name, which is a whole other essay on something or other if I can remember to write it.
Long essay short, hopefully people will see the show in which this piece is going to appear. (Stark State College, 2nd floor through Dec.) It is a new direction for me though I am not abandoning my ladies. The girls are just off shopping and going to the spa. I will catch up with them again next fall (Sept 2010).

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